Billy Goat
Billy Goat

2019 Billy Goat PL1801V (Vanguard)


2019 PL1801V (Vanguard) Overview & Specs

Hole Pattern3.63 x 6
Width24 in.
Length57 in.

The 18" PLUGR is ideal for smaller property aeration or rentals. No add-on weights are required and reciprocating cam-driven tines propel the unit forward and drive cores up to 2.75" deep even in hard soil conditions, offering higher quality aeration than traditional drums. No-lift turning offers fatigue-free operation and a new ergonomic handle is Iso mounted for reduced vibration. A longer belt span improves belt de-clutching, increasing belt life.

  • User Friendly Controls: Handle has fingertip controlled bail for engaging drive / tine. To raise and lower tines, the tine retractor lever is comfortably top mounted.
  • One Piece Lift-Off Removable Cover: Offers ease of maintenance. Easy-release rubberized fasteners offer quick and easy hood removal for 100% access to all components.
  • Four Tensile Hardened Thin Wall Tines: Simple, durable screw in design makes service quick and easy. In / out reciprocating tine motion produces less compaction on the inner surface of the hole compared to spoon designs.
  • Updated Wheel Bearings: Prolong the life of the wheels.
  • Easy Fold Handle: Handle folds for compact transport and storage.
  • Iso Mounted Handle: Helps reduce vibration offering fatigue free operation so you can complete more work in less time.
  • Longer Belt Span: Improves belt de-clutching and increases belt life.
  • Text to Video: Feature offers quick view of operating instructions on your mobile device.
  • Model: PL1801V
  • Wheels (in.): 12 - Semi-Pneumatic Flat Free
  • Core Spacing: 3.63 x 6
  • Productivity: Up to 22,000
  • Length (in.): 57
  • Width (in.): 24

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ManufacturerBilly Goat  
ModelPL1801V (Vanguard)  
StyleWalk Behind  
PriceCall for Price  
Engine Manufacturer   
Engine Type   
Engine Size   
Coring Width   
Coring Depth   
Hole Pattern3.63 x 6  
Width24 in.  
Length57 in.  
Square Ft/Hr Maximum   

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